Master Certified Instructor

Tai Chi is a 2,000 year old exercise program that can increase your metabolism, reduce the stress of everyday living, Improve your balance and mobility, helps sharpen your mental concentration and increases your sense of well being!

I had been attending Tai Chi classes for 8 years and loved it so much that I decided to become a Certified Master Trainer. I currently teach in Assisted Living Facilities, 55 and over apartments, and even offer home classes in gated communities. My oldest student is 98 years old and her balance has improved. I love teaching the 65 and over classes and all my students. If you would like to see me in your living facility please have your Activities Director contact me with the information below. All businesses and individuals that are interested in Tai Chi please contact me. 


Half hour classes are available.


Debbie is a certified Master Trainer by Grand Master Trainer Dennis Kelly


Diet and exercise guidance available.


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